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ASIS 2014 Seminar and Exhibits Recap – Protect Your Intellectual Property

Earlier this month I attended the 60th Annual ASIS Seminar and Exhibits┬áin Atlanta. This is the world’s largest security conference, drawing tens of thousands of security professionals and nearly 700 exhibitors. Attendees come from all over the world and represent nearly every type of business, including manufacturing, finance, healthcare, defense contracting, banking and more. The nearly weeklong event featured dozens of educational tracks ranging from basic to advanced security practices.

Seminar topics included:Security Conference

  • Physical security systems design
  • Engineering
  • Video software management applications
  • Policy making
  • Showing return on investment


I was on a panel of speakers who spoke on how to protect intellectual property while in a competitive research environment. Joining me on the panel were Jean-Francois Savard, Director of Agriculture Canada; Dennis Quiles, Director of Security, McDonald’s; and Dan Walters, Principle, CFACTS.

Competition is now global, and represents threats ranging from corporate and state sponsored espionage to brand damage by special interest groups.

The importance of a collaborative approach is key when it comes to information security. Those who develop research information should have a hand in explaining their processes and how they develop new ideas so they are taken into consideration when the protection programs are developed.

By way of confirmation, an interesting point was made from an audience member, who is a security executive for a global producer of wheat. He revealed that they have found people in their fields cutting down and stealing research crops that are part of the live testing process for developing strains of draught- and insect-resistant seeds. Being aware of threats like this helps the community as a whole grow security measures and tactics to protect valuable research.

I look forward to next year’s event in Anaheim, California – it will be my 21st ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits.

If you have any questions or concerns of your own on how to protect intellectual property, contact Huffmaster for more information to get started.

Mike Saad, CPP

Senior Director Consulting Services at Huffmaster Crisis Response, LLC
Michael Saad is Senior Director of Consulting Services, Huffmaster Crisis Response, LLC. He is responsible for the security consulting line of business for the company. In that capacity he manages security program evaluation, corporate policy and procedure development, federal security compliance initiatives, corporate investigations, security threat and vulnerability analysis, and business risk management.

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