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ASIS-TV: Huffmaster & CFATS — A Client Case Study

PVS Chemicals, Inc., is a global manufacturer of inorganic high-risk chemicals, but chemical facilities such as this are now deemed by the department of homeland security as being potential targets for a terrorist attack. The department has stated that any facilities that uses, manufactures, stores, or distributes certain chemicals must comply with CFATS, the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards. But meeting those requirements can be tough, and that’s where Huffmaster Premium Security Solutions comes into play.

Huffmaster has more than 45 years experience in the security business and uses a unique consultative approach to assess a company’s total security situation before designing a tailor made security solution.

Says Mike Saad, CPP, Senior Director of Consulting Services, “Huffmaster prides itself in the fact that we’re not black board engineers and we do not design security from a blueprint. We go to our client locations and we learn their business, what they do, how they do it. We also spend a great deal of time about their culture, how people work together, and how management and workforce interface. Once we know their culture and their businesses, then we’re ready to design their security program. We understand of course that when we recommend a security solution for a client it has to be something that’s natural to them, something that everyone embraces and understands. If a security solution is one that’s foreign, disruptive to business, or disruptive to the culture, people will find a way to work around it and business will find a way to become more efficient without that security protocol. Consequently, our whole approach is based on designing security solutions that work for our clients”.

Huffmaster’s vision goes well beyond their consulting services. The company integrates staffing and technology solutions into security packages that are CFATS compliant and delivering security at the highest level possible. “We take advanced camera equipment, utilizing analytics and other sensor equipment on the site, as well as access control data, and we install that on the local site and then remotely monitoring that back to this command center,” says Wade Pinnell, Huffmaster Vice President.  “With that we are able to watch the entire site at all times and provide continuous monitoring. We’re also able to introduce significant, higher level training functions. For example, counter surveillance capability, where we’re looking for terrorists that are conducting surveillances on these facilities. That’s not a feature or a function that’s easily provided at the site level because of the amount of training that goes into providing that service and the ability for those officers to be able to have that level of training and certification”.

When faced with the challenges of complying with CFATS, PVS Chemicals turned to Huffmaster, a security-consulting firm that has been working with chemical companies on their security challenges since the days of 9/11. James M. Nicholson, Vice president of PVS Chemicals said “CFATS compliance involves so many facets of the way you run your business that it’s an all encompassing security envelope and to speak of it simply is really to understate how challenging is the process of pulling together all of the security apparatus that you have, and the areas you think about when you’re thinking about making your business and your operations as secure as possible. Huffmaster has come in and really helped us bring the people together within our organization and pull together the resources and also pull together the outside expertise so that we can really meet the new standards, meet them successfully, and meet them with a minimum amount of disruption to our ongoing business”.

Ron Razzolini, Director of Safety at PVS Chemicals said “Partnering with Huffmaster has been cost effective towards our business in a lot of ways. They looked at our business practices and how security measures, security practices could be integrated into things that we’re currently doing. They’ve always been focused on that without trying to add additional cost burdens to an operation or to a site”.

CFATS regulation and the need for high level security is a sign of the uncertain times we live in, but mitigating these new threats need not be a challenge to the industry thanks to Huffmaster’s commitment to provide business security at a higher level. Peter Johnson, President and Chief Operating Officer at Huffmaster says, “We are a customer focused, employee driven organization and our clients benefit from the dedication and professionalism of our team and from the management team’s commitment to developing and delivering innovative solutions that will allow the customer to achieve their goals. That’s Huffmaster and that’s business secured at a higher level”.

Mike Saad, CPP

Senior Director Consulting Services at Huffmaster Crisis Response, LLC
Michael Saad is Senior Director of Consulting Services, Huffmaster Crisis Response, LLC. He is responsible for the security consulting line of business for the company. In that capacity he manages security program evaluation, corporate policy and procedure development, federal security compliance initiatives, corporate investigations, security threat and vulnerability analysis, and business risk management.

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