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Developed by the Department of Homeland Security, the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) regulates facilities in the Chemical Industry in order to ensure their sites and the chemicals used in their operations are secure from possible terrorist threats.  DHS requires chemical facilities to review and submit information regarding all aspects of their business, including their security plans.  Huffmaster Consultants have been assisting customers since the inception of this legislation, and have gained considerable knowledge on the program compliance requirements. Combined with this knowledge and the expertise of the security industry, Huffmaster is uniquely positioned to assist you with any step of the DHS process.

Top Screens

The first phase of the CFATS program uses the Top Screen as a tool that allows the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to determine whether a facility falls under the regulation.  From this information, DHS issues a preliminary threat ranking. Learn more about Top Screens and how Huffmaster Consultants can help you correctly fulfill this requirement of the program.


The second phase of the CFATS program requires regulated facilities to answer more in depth questions regarding the characteristics of their sites and the threats that DHS believes plausible for their facility.  Contemplating the different threats and vulnerability scenarios provided by DHS can not only be quite daunting and intimidating, the SVA format may be challenging as well. The answers given here determine your final Tier Level. Learn more about SVA’s and how Huffmaster help you accurately comply with this complex section.


The Site Security Plan (SSP) is the third phase of the CFATS program. The SSP is a security plan you commit to in order to achieve compliance with CFATS standards.  Your SSP must demonstrate security measures that satisfy each of the 18 Risk Based Performance Standards (RBPS).  Integrating the RBPS requirements into your business operations is a complex process that requires balancing cost with operational and cultural impact. Learn more about our Site Security Plans and how Huffmaster can help you develop an effective SSP.


The Pre-Authorization Inspection (PAI) allows DHS to get a better feel for your facility and understanding of how your current procedures and future plans meet the requirements of the CFATS regulations.  To see how Huffmaster can be of assistance to you prior to and during a PAI.

Pre-Inspection Audits

The Pre-Inspection Audit service that is offered by Huffmaster will help you validate your SSP as you have written and submitted it to DHS.  DHS’s onsite inspection is designed to verify that your existing and planned measures actually work on the site as you have written them. This service will help you address, in advance, any lapses that DHS may identify and prepare you for any additional questions DHS may ask in regards to your plan. Having gotten this far, no one wants their plan not to be authorized and approved. Learn more about our Pre-Inspection Audits.


Huffmaster offers a wide array of security training services to our customers.   We recognize that each organization is different, as are their needs.  Communicating your message to your employees and contractors requires familiarity with training concepts as well as the various training modalities. Huffmaster expertly develops customized security training programs based on the needs of our clients.  For more information on our customizable training programs.

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