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Chemical Workplace Safety During The Holidays

We all look forward to the end of the year, and for good reason—holiday greetings, treats and time off. However, it’s important to remember chemical workplace safety doesn’t take a holiday vacation. Mid-November of this year, four workers…Continue Reading

Let Mike Saad, CPP Get Answers to Your CFATS Questions

On October 29, I will be attending the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA) Safety & Security Committee in Washington D.C. This select group brings some of the biggest names in chemical industry security policymaking together to…Continue Reading

ASIS 2014 Seminar and Exhibits Recap – Protect Your Intellectual Property

Earlier this month I attended the 60th Annual ASIS Seminar and Exhibits in Atlanta. This is the world’s largest security conference, drawing tens of thousands of security professionals and nearly 700 exhibitors. Attendees come from all over the world…Continue Reading

Authorization Inspections During the CFATS Process

The CFATS Process is a long and complicated one. There are many steps – and rightfully so. The security of chemical plants is a serious matter that needs to be handled carefully and correctly. There are four main…Continue Reading

Mike Saad, CPP to speak at at ASIS International Seminar in Atlanta

The 60th Annual ASIS Seminar and Exhibit is scheduled to take place in Atlanta on September 29 through October 2. This influential security event offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the newest security products, services, education and…Continue Reading

DHS Chemical Sector Summit focused on CFATS Program

When 600 government and chemical industry members gathered in Baltimore for the SOCMA Department of Homeland Security Chemical Sector Summit in late July, reform and Senate reauthorization of the CFATS program was a key topic of discussion. CFATS…Continue Reading

Huffmaster to Conduct SSP and ASP for CFATS compliance Webinar August 28

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is aggressively pursuing Site Security Plans for chemical facilities, and now, even lower tiered chemical facilities are hearing from their DHS inspectors for the first time in years. Mike Saad, Senior Director…Continue Reading

Huffmaster’s Michael Saad,CPP to Speak at Chemical Sector Security Summit and Expo

The Department of Homeland Security Chemical Sector Security Summit begins July 22, 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland providing an opportunity for attendees from the chemical community to both share and learn from successes in the industry. Key Topics of…Continue Reading

ASIS-TV: Huffmaster & CFATS — A Client Case Study

PVS Chemicals, Inc., is a global manufacturer of inorganic high-risk chemicals, but chemical facilities such as this are now deemed by the department of homeland security as being potential targets for a terrorist attack. The department has stated…Continue Reading

Stay Connected by Attending ChemEdge

The chemical-distribution industry requires practices that are both vital and complicated. New regulations, environmental breakthroughs and purchasing options continually change the dynamics of this industry. The key, however, to maximizing opportunities during fluctuation is better understanding the many…Continue Reading

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