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Where does Huffmaster get its investigators?

Huffmaster recognizes that investigations are not all the same. We also recognize that specific talents are needed depending on the nature of the investigation. Whether forensic data recovery and evidence management, external fraud or internal theft, violation of contractual obligations or regulatory requirements, we bring the talent best suited and experienced to help you get the actionable answers you need.Our investigations support proper employment termination, restitution and recovery, civil and criminal litigation and prosecution, injunctions and other court orders.

Do you have pre-developed training programs?

Huffmaster specializes in developing customized training programs for our clients. We design specific training elements to ensure that they not only reflect the most contemporary training methodologies, but they also incorporate the latest technologies. Huffmaster training not only reflects the latest training tools, it accurately reflects your message in the language and context that your employees can relate to. Whether we deliver the training or we train your trainers, or we develop materials for your Computer Based Training Platform, the content is designed to reflect your needs and your culture.

What then is a physical security assessment?

Huffmaster has the expertise to examine and evaluate your existing physical and procedural security measures. We start with learning your onsite business processes, then we review your policies, procedures and post orders, if any. We walk the entire facility – inside and out – to catalog your security equipment. We then examine whether or not the physical and procedural measures work together to accomplish the goal for which they were devised. We will also, if you choose, link the physical security assessment as a final stage of the Threat, vulnerability and risk assessment process.

Are threat, risk and vulnerability assessments all the same thing, just differently described?

No. Each assessment is unique and together they represent a thorough review of the security climate at your facility. Threats are those man-made and natural events that can interrupt your ability to effectively conduct business. Not only do we look at issues under your control, but we examine those things not under your control. Vulnerability is determined by measuring whether or not your facility can withstand or mitigate an attack from the threats you identified. This procedure is also known as a design based threat and vulnerability assessment. Risk is determined by the likelihood or probability that a threat event would occur. Working with you, we then determine the business impact of an event.

I have to develop a policy on workplace violence. How can a Huffmaster consultant help me?

Huffmaster consultants first learn about your policy writing style as a company. We learn how your employees receive communications about other policies. Then we work with you to determine your core message as well as the specific binding workplace rules you wish to write. Our experts will draft the language that captures your needs and place it within your existing policy format structure. Using best practices from other organizations, nad ASIS Guidelines where appropriate, we ensure that your intent is clearly and effectively communicated. We also know the importance of ensuring your policies are enforceable and write with that in mind. We also use our over 50 years of experience to ensure that you are using contemporary measures reflective of the latest OSHA and SHRM Guidelines for workplace violence prevention programs.

What services do you provide when designing a security system?

The first thing we do is determine the security threats you are trying to address. Then we examine your existing business processes and security measures. We explore their ability to integrate with each other and to address the threats. Then we identify the conceptual gaps that exist. We can help you make a determination as to what additional technologies you may need. Whether beginning fresh or integrating new technology with existing, Huffmaster experts design the total package, including the latest concepts in security signal transmission. We can also help you write vendor bid specs and manage the bid evaluation and selection process. Huffmaster also provides project management for the duration of the system installation and commissioning.

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