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Security Assessments

Worried that your current security measures may not be sufficient? Huffmaster Consultants provide several security assessments that will assist you in protecting your facility to the highest level you can. Click here to learn more.

Policy and Procedures

Huffmaster’s expertise in the security field lends itself to well written and implemented policies and procedures.  Just having measures in place is not enough, policies and procedures must be written, implemented and enforced. Click here to learn more.


Security training is a fundamental requirement in any type of organization.  Huffmaster offers a wide array of security training services to our customers.   We recognize that each organization is different, as are their needs.  Huffmaster develops customized training programs based on the needs of our clients. Click here to learn more.

Security System Designs

Security guards and locked doors do not make up a security system. In fact these two elements represent only a small part.  Integration of all aspects of your security system design – the mechanical, technical, procedural, operational and cultural – must interconnect in a way that fits the organization as a whole. Click here to learn more.


Worried about employee theft? Do you want to know who did it and how they did it? Are you concerned about possible threats made by or against your employees?  Huffmaster has the ability to investigate situations in which your need to find the truth. Click here to learn more.

Security Executive On-Call

This service allows you to use our dedicated security experts without the cost of a full time executive.  Our executive will work with you, as needed, to review, communicate and implement your company’s security procedures.  Click here to learn more.

Penetration Testing

Huffmaster offers a security assessment that will test your current security design to ensure it is up to your expectations. Our Readiness Evaluation Drills (RED Team) are audits that provide an independent means to conduct realistic tests against your security processes while simultaneously heightening the awareness of your security personnel. Click here to learn more.

Workplace Violence

Violence in the workplace takes on many forms – verbal confrontations, physical altercations, threatening statements, sexual harassment, and even homicide.  Are you prepared if something happens to your organization? Click here to learn more.

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