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Worried about employee theft? Do you want to know who did it and how they did it? Are you concerned about possible threats made by or against your employees? Huffmaster has the ability to investigate situations where you need to find the truth. In support of our investigative process, we offer skilled interviewers, undercover operatives, overt and covert camera technologies, fixed and mobile surveillance along with video documentation.

We can professionally interview witnesses and suspects alike, while gathering and preserving actionable evidence to support your internal disciplinary process, a legal claim in court or a criminal prosecution. With Huffmaster resources you will receive the information you need to proceed with decision making. Huffmaster encourages and supports you with the appropriate facts you need to take the next step, whether it be legal, employment or contractual adjudication, to obtain the remedies you desire.

Huffmaster’s highest level of investigative service is our forensic investigation. It’s important to your investigation that all the information is obtained appropriately and securely. Today, so many forensic “investigators” merely use software to extract deleted files from a computer. Huffmaster offers a much more sophisticated forensic service that will recover, capture, identify, restore and legally preserve your evidentiary data. We are able to provide court tested expert testimony in support of your case as well.

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