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Security Executive On-Call

When you need a security executive, you want solid expertise that understands all the factors that influence security decision-making – and you want it now!

security executive  At Huffmaster, our security executive on-call will meet with you, identify your security requirements and develop a programmed approach to implement the measures designed to protect your people, your assets and meet your compliance requirements.

Huffmaster’s security director on-call service brings you a polished professional with C- Suite exposure. The security solutions we provide are the results of focused threat and vulnerability assessments performed in the context of your operations, your culture and your financial constraints.

We do not design security in a vacuum.

Huffmaster will customize security recommendations to address your specific issues. We provide consultation and analysis through on-site security assessments. Whether you have many locations around the country, or just a few sites locally, our security executive will oversee the assessment and gap closing process.

Huffmaster’s security director on-call can also address your needs for security awareness training, designing technical security system specifications, and the developing your policies and procedures.

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